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Home buyer's MCC Tax Credits are available.  Savings for the lifetime of your mortgage.  For more information, call our office at 405-364-6565 and ask for Cindy.

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Since 1989, qualifying home buyer's in Oklahoma have saved up to $166 per month with the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Tax Credit Program.  The tax credit is based upon the interest rate of their home loan and accomplished through a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of Federal Income Tax owed each year for the LIFETIME of their mortgage.  Only NEW home mortgages on home purchases up to $214,925 qualify.


When you are applying for your home loan, you may also apply for a Mortgage Credit Certificate at the lending institution of your choice or from your real estate agent or broker. Applications are also available from MCC Administration Corporation. Along with your completed application you must provide copies of your income tax returns for the past three years, a copy of your real estate purchase contract, and loan application. If your application shows that you satisfy all eligibility requirements, your lender will receive a letter of approval. You must have applied and been approved for a Mortgage Credit Certificate before you close on your home loan. Once you have closed the loan on your home and have paid the program fee, you will receive your Mortgage Credit Certificate. The tax credit is available to you each year you continue to live in the home and pay mortgage interest. The tax credit program is available on a first come, first serve basis. Mortgage Credit Certificates will be available until the maximum amount of Mortgage Credit Certificates available through the program have been issued.

  • ATTENTION:                                       Homeowner's with existing          MCC tax credits                                                            Refinancing?                               Keep your tax credit in place for the lifetime of your original loan.  Call 405-364-6565 BEFORE you close your new loan.
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